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Blackboard Inc.

Today's active learners have a need for speed. The Blackboard App gives students the information they want, the connections they crave, and the personalisation they demand, on the go. We're putting learning directly in the hands of your students, so they can stay connected with their educational journey anytime, anywhere.

Discover an enhanced test-taking experience

Flexible assessment types and customizable feedback support educators’ unique approaches while providing learners with control of strategies best suited for their assessment success—all resulting in easier and more effective teaching and learning.

Deliver an inclusive learning environment

Personalized learning experiences, which offer learners the flexibility to access courses on the go, empower expression within an equitable, all-encompassing ecosystem—built with accessibility in mind.

Inject autonomy and action

Data insights drive success and provide engaging learning experiences. Learners can keep track of their own progress, identify next steps, and get the support they need. Educators can identify disengaged or struggling learners even sooner.

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