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Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators, and families around the world. Flipgrid brings the back row to the front and helps learners of all ages find their voices, share their voices, and respect the diverse voices of others.


Give students a platform to share their voice and creativity with confidence while connecting with their peers. Teachers spark discussion by posting topics and questions to a class, school, professional learning community, or the world. Students record, upload, view, react, and respond to each others short videos.


Build a secure online community for your club or organization to strengthen communication, plan events, share milestones, engage donors, and so much more. Flipgrid students build and strengthen social learning communities as they discuss their ideas and experiences with their peers.

Community Builders

Whether you’re a family, a small business owner, or looking to connect through hobbies and interests, Flip can help you share your greatest moments and your story with the people you know.

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