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People Playground


People Playground is a sandbox game that is based on killing characters with various weapons. You will begin a session by choosing between multiple maps like ‘Abyss’, ‘Blocks’, ‘Default’, ‘Humongous’, ‘Sea’, ‘Slanted’, ‘Small’, ‘Snow’, ‘Tiny’, ‘Tower’, and ‘Void’.

What is the People Playground age rating?

People Playground is labeled as mature content as the gameplay is filled with bloodshed. The game is inappropriate for young children and even adults are encouraged not to play the brutal title. People Playground is slightly science-based and the focus on quantum physics makes the game a little worthwhile to explore.

How do you play People Playground?

The physics of the game can be altered. You can right-click on objects to open a context menu. The ignite command will set the items on fire, while the freeze option will hold the objects together like glue. You can click on ‘Disable collision’ to avoid impacting the characters. ‘Make weightless’ will send pieces floating in the air instead of falling back down.


Humans have additional options that you can choose like ‘Inspect’, ‘Mend or break a bone’, ‘Stumble’, ‘Walk’, ‘Cower’, and ‘Sit’ commands. A toolbar on the right gives you tools and powers to use like pull, push, lift, lightning, and fire forces. You can affect your entire environment with these powerful actions.

Here you can download People Playground for Free