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Sonic Utopia

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Sonic Utopia is an adventure PC game developed by Mr. Lange that features Sonic the Hedgehog. This free-to-play game imagines the most famous hedgehog in an open-world setting. Here, you will control Sonic as he moves past various obstacles at supersonic speed.

About game

Sonic Utopia is a fan-made game. Unlike other Sonic titles, it puts players in a completely three-dimensional environment. Despite that, however, it maintains the fidelity to classic scenes from the 8-bit console era. All the elements of Sonic: the Hedgehog are also present. This game is still in the raw demo stage so expect a short run time.


To control Sonic, you use the keyboard in a simple way. The directional arrows move Sonic while the space bar allows him to jump. To accumulate momentum to go off the scene, hold the Shift key, and then release. As mentioned, Sonic Utopia is still under development. It is a far cry from an actual finished game. You can play the demo version but expect a short session.


Sonic Utopia is the modern Sonic game that fans have been waiting for all along. This game managed to expand the classic gameplay in a 3D, intuitive way. It also captured the best of Sonic's style and remained faithful to the scenes of the well-loved '90s titles. It is still a demo game, however, so it will be short. Nevertheless, it will have you excited for the full release.

Here you can download Sonic Utopia for Free