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The Man from the Window

Zed Technician

The Man from the Window is a free role-playing game from Zed_Technician. In this survival horror game, you get to experience reliving a childhood horror that haunted most kids—only this one doesn’t stop at being a children’s story. Find clues from the pages of an old book and see if there’s anything you can do to prevent the horror that’s coming upon you.

Make new friends and survive

Regardless of whether it's your first or your second playthrough, The Man from the Window is still a frightening experience. For first-time players, the horror comes in a gut-punching reveal as The Man starts making his presence felt. After you’ve had your chance to hide, and fail, the next attempts are done in fear of knowing how much time you have—and whether you can hide at all.

Test your mettle

If you’re looking for a quick horror fix, The Man from the Window is a good place to start. It requires you to take note of every detail—from the pages of a book, the character designs, and the layout of the small apartment—and try to find the right solution to make sure that both the mother and the baby survive. As far as indie horrors go, this is highly recommended.


As an indie horror game, its appeal has a puzzle-like approach. It requires you to solve a problem methodically instead of running or fighting a villain. This, despite the game’s short playthrough, manages to keep it fun and replayable to a degree. Additionally, the character design—a small young rabbit and his larger mother—also factors in the puzzle and how you go about the gameplay experience.

Here you can download The Man from the Window for Free