About us

Absurdity, fear, and survival in the open world of Ultimate Custom Night. We are crazy about this game which can tickle our nerves and keep you in tense during playing. Who are we? Let’s get acquainted! Except for being fans of Ultimate Custom Night, we are all different personalities.

  • Alex Owen, Designer

I am a game designer and digital toymaker. Recently I worked as a gameplay engineer for different companies. Now I am wholly occupied in UX Design of video games. Still surprised that I get paid for the things I like to do more than everything in my life.

  • Adam Farmer, Creative Director

I am 'AAA' game developer for previous ten years. I dream of creating the game where the whole world will be turned upside down, and every ordinary action will be performed opposite to the real life.

  • Jane Blakes, Animator

I am the setter of keyframes and video games animator. Love animations for the opportunity to revive any idea which can come to your mind.

  • Carla Reyes, Engineer

Except for rock climbing, I like to reach higher with each new challenge I accept. Like engineering as much as rocks and mountains.

  • Tracey Swift, Sound Designer

I love everything which is related to sound from early childhood. Music, films, video games, and cartoons - they all have the power to transfer me to the magical world of sound.

  • Ivan Bratescu, Quality Assurance Specialist

Brought my love to games from childhood to adult years to and continue now working with games. I am passionate about board games, video games, and word quizzes as well.

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